Free Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment

Measure your own mental health, emotional well-being.

Free Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment

80% of those who suffer from depression go undetected and do not receive treatment. As a result these individuals suffer in silence and try to cope as best as they can. Stress is a major contributor of mental disabilities.

Under prolonged stress a person will find themselves having difficulty falling asleep, and frequently awakening during the night. They may have vivid dreams. In the morning you will not feel rested. You will note a lack of energy, lack of desire to get out and do things, lack of interest in the outside world.

You may experience aches and pains. Particularly common are chest, shoulder, back and neck pains. There is a decreased sense of pleasure in life. Things that used to be fun or pleasurable do not seem enjoyable anymore. You feel overwhelmed by life. Now you may cry easily, and feel that you are "depressed". You may feel panic attacks and fear.

Take the Emotional Wellness Self-Assessment and receive your own personal and confidential assessment report. This report will provide you with your own emotional wellness profile. It will provide you with a list of follow up actions you may wish to pursue including a visit to your doctor if the scores indicate that this would be helpful.


Your use of the Emotional Wellness Survey© constitutes your agreement that this survey is intended solely for your personal use to obtain a general sense of some symptoms of depression, anxiety, mental focus, self-worth, self-control, and mental and physical energy. This survey is not intended to be a substitute nor should it be considered a substitute for an accurate assessment of a mental health disorder by a qualified psychiatrist, physician or health care worker.  
By completing the Emotional Wellness Survey©, you agree not to hold Entec Corporation, their staff or consultants liable, or make any claims or claim damages of any kind whatsoever, that might be related to the information contained on this website or the information contained in the Emotional Wellness Report©. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Entec Corporation, their staff or consultants for any claims or damages arising out of your use of the Emotional Wellness Survey© and the Emotional Wellness Survey Report©.


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